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The Armistice of 11 November was the armistice signed at Le Francport near Compiègne that ended fighting on land, sea and air in World War I between​.
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  • Opinion: Armistice Day 1918 brought peace — and much more fighting!
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Incredibly, the end of this bloodbath went almost unnoticed among us. When the guns fall silent , the soldier feels only relief.

The signing of Armistice

But, at the front, silence prevails, as shown by these testimonies from letters and personal notebooks. Well, think again!

It may have produced demonstrations of delirious joy at the higher level, but here with us and, I think, throughout the army the news was greeted with a really profound calm," says Elie Barthaburu, a second lieutenant in the 17th Alpine Hunters Battalion. It's peace! Peace, for God's sake! And yet somehow we remain inert.

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  2. 11 November 1918: The day the world turned upside down.
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  4. The Armistice: 'The end of the nightmare' for the French?
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  7. Are we dead inside? Many of these men simply cannot believe that the guns have finally fallen silent. In the trenches, disbelief reigns. Was it possibly over?

    End of WWI and its aftermath

    Could this news be true? They were dazed, stunned After four years of exhausting fighting, it is hard for them to imagine that the war is finally over.

    The 1918 Armistice: 'The end of the nightmare' for the French

    And then three more years went by Many soldiers used the expression: 'we are going to fight a year war'. They believed it would never end," says Cazals. But our first reaction is to think of our dead comrades, their families, all those affected by these losses, and we cannot yet feel joy. Away from the frontline, emotions are very different. In the French capital, people gather to celebrate as soon as the armistice is announced. The excitement in the air was almost delirious. I am convinced that we have never seen -- and never will see again -- such a public outpouring of emotion.

    The Armistice of - The Armistice Museum

    The streets were swarming with people, the houses were filled from the cellar to the attics with people at the windows," says Sergeant Major Pierre Bellet. Also discover moving objects fashioned by soldiers in the trenches, revealing their inner lives during the war. The Armistice of Discover the main events marking the signing of the Armistice of 11 November A historic event. The Armistice delegations. The victory of Marshal Foch. Learn more.

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    • The Armistice of 1918.
    • Celebrating the 1918 Armistice resulted in thousands more deaths.
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    The Treaty of Versailles. Peace declared.

    Armistice on the Western Front

    The last soldier killed during the war. The Armistice clauses. Harsh conditions.