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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born to Die: The Montauk Murders is set amongst the glitz and glamour of the Beau Monde. The 80th birthday of Miranda​.
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Or, rather, should we say in Danish, Gudskelov. The Star seems to worry the adoption of a route for the high-power electricity line that would make landfall in a state-owned park and then run along the Long Island Rail Road tracks would cost Deepwater more money than running an even longer route that goes through a residential, bucolic neighborhood.

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That is really important. To put it in perspective: The poor Danes have only the tenth-highest G. Its impoverished shareholders have only had their shares increase from DKK We must save the Danes from themselves, in fact. Maybe a 39 percent return on capital employed by running it through a residential neighborhood in Wainscott is better than a much lower 38 percent return on capital employed by landing it in a New York State Park parking lot. Yikes same word in English as in Danish!

We are so glad that The Star has focused on the key goal of making the Danes more money. It is so important The Star prioritizes that impoverished class over local citizens with legitimate, fact-based, democratic concerns about the route for your desired wind farm. You could chalk it up to charity. While Judith filibustered the meeting, the one thing she failed to mention in her remarks is that she represents Win With Wind and does not actually live in Wainscott.

After exiting the Wainscott Chapel, she left it to the actual Wainscott community members who live here to deal with her out-of-hamlet mess. Fact: Construction would take place in the shoulder season and not impact camping. Fact: New York State has, at least twice so far, used state parks to land underwater electric transmission lines, For example, the Poseidon and Neptune lines at Jones Beach. Fact: All of the more than 1, signatories of the petition said they were in favor of renewable energy wind included and conservation. Fact: Wainscott community members have petitioned to have Deepwater choose the alternate route that Deepwater said was a viable alternative.

Fact: The Orsted U.

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No need for her to come back to the W. She can lecture those who wish to listen to her from her home in East Hampton. The old planet was better, too, the one we had before we started messing it up with the fossil fuel emissions that are creating our current global climate crisis.

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We must hope that the parties will come together in East Hampton and quickly find a mutually acceptable way to bring renewable offshore wind on board. We need to stop burning fossil fuels and embrace renewable ones.

NY mom in custody after twin daughters pronounced dead

As a member of the new citizens committee, Win With Wind, I totally support their goal to provide actual facts so our residents may educate themselves and make informed decisions. It is difficult to wrap our heads and hearts around the projection that if we continue to use fossil fuels, southern downtown Montauk will be underwater. In fact, Montauk itself will be an island because the stretch along Napeague will be inundated to the point of having to build a bridge to access Amagansett.

He has researched local, state, and federal studies and compiled data that specifically affect our town. Saltwater intrusion is already common in some low-lying areas.

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Duke also cites the fact that fewer freezes and recorded warmer temperatures here have caused more insect-borne diseases. From and , the number of tick and mosquito-caused diseases has tripled.

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  • 2-year-old twins dead, mom in custody in Montauk horror.

Guess who leads the nation? New York. Suffolk County is the hotbed. How many people do you know who have contracted Lyme disease here? New insect diseases are also appearing — in some cases causing death. West Nile disease has appeared on the disease scene. Once again we are number one in the number of cases among all eastern states. Caution: Do not use dangerous insecticides because they leach into our drinking-water aquifer.

Biddle Duke recommends using cedar oil. Our commercial fishermen are already negatively affected. Lobster, cod, and other money fish are heading north. My point is this: If we switch to renewable energy sources and stop pouring carbon into our atmosphere, this wonderful planet is capable of stabilizing and healing. And here is the really good news, East Hampton and the Northeast Coast have the most-consistent wind in the U.

Think again about the effects of not using renewable sources, especially the wind surrounding us. The choice is clear. Win with wind! Climate change, global warming, and pollution caused by burning fossil fuel are clearly upon us, and almost all scientists agree on the cause. By using a combination of renewable energy — solar, thermal, and wind energy — we can dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to produce electricity. The cable issue in Wainscott is a red-herring argument. Recently, water pipes were installed underground in Wainscott and there were no complaints about disruption or inconvenience.

Now, a conduit will come ashore and be buried under the shoulder of Beach Lane and then continue underground to connect with the Cove Hollow Road substation. With the use of modern drilling techniques this whole process will be done efficiently and in the off-season. Block Island fishermen have acknowledged that the fish have returned to the Block Island Wind Farm area and an increased number of sportfishermen have returned because the fishing is so good.

I agree that we need to address the concerns of our fishing community, which are already being affected by rising ocean temperatures that cause cold water and warm water fish to move farther north. The turbine foundations act as artificial reefs that attract algae and seaweed and become a food source for fish. The turbines are to be placed so that fishing can continue among the turbines. Also, Orsted has agreed with the East Hsmpton fishing community not to place any turbines in the Cox Ledge area, which is important to local fishermen.

Another red herring is a health concern. Every electric line causes an electromagnetic field. We have all lived with them for many years. Yes, the wind power cable coming ashore carries kV, but it will be enclosed in a conduit and buried underground so that the electromagnetic field level at the surface on Beach Lane will not be a danger. About 40 years ago the theory that people living near aboveground high-tension wires would be overexposed to electromagnetic fields was thoroughly debunked. Wherever the wind power cable comes ashore, it will benefit all of us. We need the South Fork Wind Farm.

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  5. I cannot imagine her pain. Two years is not enough punishment in my opinion. My head, not my heart, hopes the criminal gets the help he needs. God help the animal he brutally murdered and may she or he rest in peace. There is no greater love than that of a dog, the most devoted animal to humans, and this is shameful.

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    An eight-minute press conference, the Democrats worship Mr. Mueller; he gave them what they wanted. Mueller made statements you cannot charge a sitting president. Plenty of leaks by Mueller and in truth Mueller worked as an operative to impeach President Trump.