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I am doing my second conquest battle. All of a sudden a mercenary decides to start shit mid battle. WTF. As if it 1 // Submission Guidelines.
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I didn't even have a bounty.

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What happens that makes it seem like the mercenary is "on your side"? I encounter a mercenary in just about every conquest battle, and I assume they are on the other side, hired by the other side just like I was hired by my side.

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    Even when I have no bounty? Jun 15, Deborah Ideiosepius rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who loves historical battles. Shelves: reading-challenge , europe , historic-fiction. As well as their first real battle it is an exposure to their first political encounter with the duke of the area. As result of that encounter the two oldest sons of Tancred de Hauteville decide to take the road to Italy where they find employment as mercenaries since the battle skills of Normans are much in demand there.

    This is an Italy divided into states, the politics are different but even more intense; the Eastern empire of Byzantium claims some states, the Western Christians claim others, the Saracens have taken Sicily. There is historical intrigue, battles and a few very interesting characters to follow the story through. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and the icing on the cake was a mention of the Varangians at the end when the brothers go to Sicily.

    I finished this book and hopped straight online to buy the next two. I can't wait for more!

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    Jan 21, Laurentiu Lazar rated it really liked it Shelves: Moreover, the author's style of writing is a bit frigid which made me feel morose and dull, and on several occasions I began questioning my decision to start this book. Fortunately, curiosity kept me going and patience paid off in the end since the more I read, the more used I got to his style and I have actually enjoyed it.

    The book ends with the defeat of Syracuse, the return to Salerno and sudden departure to Melfi into Apulia. The characters are so flat and one-dimensional that I have felt no care for any of them — money and land being their only goal. The Battle of Wits! I particularly enjoyed the stand-off between William and the emir of Syracuse Rashid al Farza, being the only true fight in the entire book with enough detail to satisfy my deep hunger.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Mercenary Boss Fight & Kassandra Roasting

    I recommend it to persons fascinated with history. Oct 27, Beorn rated it did not like it Shelves: historical-fiction. As I already own the two subsequent books in the series I decided to make an effort with this book but it's just so bland, relatively aloof and filled with semi-pretentious dialogue that you neither empathise with any of the characters, particularly care what happens in the plot or anything you read. Feb 16, Anne rated it really liked it Recommends it for: mature readers.

    Shelves: europe , historical. I found this book very interesting and above all easy to read.

    The Spanish Mercenaries Were Outnumbered 500-1, The Battle of Cajamarca, 1532

    It is basically the stories of two families, Guaimar and Berengara, brother and sister who have had their inheritance stolen by the evil Panulf. The others are the brothers of the family deHauteville, Norman mercenaries. This book centers mostly on the first two brothers, William and Drogo.

    I enjoyed the intertwining of the two stories, especially those of Guaimar I found this book very interesting and above all easy to read. I enjoyed the intertwining of the two stories, especially those of Guaimar and Berengara. I will probably continue the series. Feb 01, Mark rated it liked it. Worth reading, The book is very good, it maybe better to judge it after reading the others in the series.

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    I gave it 3stars but it may get more after reading the others. The characters are in some ways a bit one sided, but this did improve as the book went on. Fight and battle scene are not very bloody, in fact to me very clinical clean but this me who mainly reads fantasy. I will be reading the others. There is a lot of riding to and fro, arriving at camp, making camp, leaving, more riding, descriptions, descriptions and more descriptions and explanations and generally very little happening.

    Not keeping my attention, sorry View all 3 comments. Apr 25, Antonio rated it really liked it Shelves: hystory. This is my assessments of this book Mercenaries by Jack Ludlow according to 6 criteria: 1.

    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction - Wikipedia

    Too long and Strenuous action - exciting - 4 stars 2. Boring - fun - 4 stars 3. Shalow story - has a deeper meaning - 3 stars 6. The story is mass and Unfinished - The story is clear, understandable and well rounded story - 3 stars Total 3.


    Nov 15, Jeff Jones rated it liked it. I thought it was just chance. Unless if you play on easy mode. In my experience there were no mercenary. But I didnt play much on normal, its too much like easy. Since today's patch I haven't run into a single mercenary in any of the four conquest battles I did. I did battles as both the "invading" side and also the defending side.